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Bold Toronto raccoon makes international headlines after hilarious hunt for snacks

Some would argue that you're not really a proper Torontonian until you've gone through the requiste initiation to our fair city: an encounter with one of the resident raccoons that serve as our unofficial mascots.

Thankfully, most of such interactions are these days caught on camera, whether it's a clip of raccoons stealing someone's UberEats order, eating out of the dish of a cat as said house pet glares from the window, nomming on some explicitly-shaped candy or, you know, generally getting into some food that they're not supposed to get into.

The latest T.O. trash panda story has quite understandably made international headlines for the footage that accompanies it — and the daringness of the intrepid little critter it stars.

One local had the quick thinking to pick up her phone and start recording when she came to the startling realization that an errant raccoon had gotten into her Toronto home this week.

"Oh my god, oh my god," she repeats in a now-viral TikTok video, asking the animal to "get the f*** out!"

She proceeds to be even more floored as she watches the raccoon — which appears to be a baby — stare at her and not only not leave, but actually open the door to a nearby kitchen cupboard, which he or she then climbs inside.

"Are you f***ing kidding me?" she asks before slowly approaching the cabinet, noting what seems to be the mama racoon outside.

Though the cupboard made for a great last-minute hiding space, it became apparent that the little guy may have had another drivw in mind: A bin of dog food, which they somehow manage to climb into.

"Oh my god!" the poster says again as the kit just sits and stares at her. "What do you... like, what do you want me to do with you?"

Multiple cuts in the footage show that the ordeal continued for some time as the raccoon, appearing fairly chill about the whole situation, remained in the bin and their new human friend figured out how to get them out.

The woman eventually decided to close the raccoon in the tupperware and carry it outside for a speedy release to its mother, whom she mentioned she "hopes doesn't murder me."

Based on past raccoon run-ins, this type of incident is actually quite relatable for Toronto-dwellers who have found the creatures breaking into their homes or businesses to swipe some snacks.

And based on the 10 million and counting views of the video on TikTok, the incident is definitely resonating with people, whether its Torontonians who are used to these kind of shenanigans or people from other cities who are baffled that this sort of stuff actually happens here on the regular.

Anyone who has trouble dealing with a raccoon in their home (or anywhere else) can call organizations like the Toronto Wildlife Centre for assistance.

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