raccoon eats cat food

Angry Toronto cat watches through window as raccoon eats its food

Toronto raccoons give no effs about who they tick off in the quest to fill their mouths with... literally anything edible.

Humans may shake their fists, scream and shout, or even spend millions of dollars designing raccoon-proof green bins that don't work to deter trash pandas from raiding their properties, but it's all for naught.

When a raccoon sees something he wants (to consume) he gets it. Oh, he gets it.

Elizabeth Pandza stumbled upon one such example of a famously-fat fur bandit on Wednesday afternoon in Toronto's Swansea neighbourhood.

She didn't hesitate to pull out her phone and capture the scene, thankfully for thousands of locals who are now just a little bit happier for it.

"I went for a walk in my neighbourhood and saw a couple ahead of me staring at a house," Pandza told blogTO.

"Naturally, when I approached that house I wanted to see what they were looking at. What I saw was a super chunky raccoon, sitting like a human, shoveling mouthfuls of food into its mouth."

As if that weren't cute enough (and it was), a domestic housecat entered the picture.

"All of the sudden, I noticed a cat in the window giving a death stare in the raccoon's direction," says Pandza.

The video she took speaks for itself, and animals lovers all over the city are losing it over the scene, as uploaded to Reddit by Pandza's brother.

With more than 1,400 upvotes in less than a day, it's safe to say the clip is a hit, if only for the cat's hilariously-cheesed off face.

"I had no idea this video would become so popular," laughed Pandza, though she did have a hunch, noting: "It's unbelievably funny and cute."

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