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People are now boycotting Canadian Tire over something it's done for decades

When one thinks of Canadian Tire, things that come to mind might include wholesome childhood memories of trips there with parents, their precious proprietary currency that is a complete novelty to anyone not from here, or just the fact that they are a Canuck staple.

But the automotive, hardware and home goods chain is the latest homegrown brand to be targeted with a boycott in recent days over one location's sponsorship of an event in smalltown New Brunswick that many found to be problematic.

Note: Canadian Tire confirmed after the publication of this article that it did not ever sponsor the event in question.

The Canadian Tire logo was spotted on a flyer for a women's shooting event, prompting outrage from some who hadn't realized that the store sold guns or, as others are saying, "supported gun culture" in the community.

The store's name was trending on Twitter this week as people called the company out, and others stepped to defend it.

Guns are indeed sold in the store's hunting section, along with camouflage apparel, scopes, knives and tools, and other such accessories.

As stated on the Canadian Tire website, "stores practice strict security measures relating to carrying, storing and selling firearms. Only specially licensed personnel handles and sells firearms at the stores. Firearms and ammunition are only sold to individuals who hold a valid license."

Many are concerned not so much with the fact that the store carries weapons, but that they are happy to be affiliated with groups like the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights, a vocal gun lobby here north of the border.

Others are pointing out that the store would have had no control over who else was on board for a specific event...

And some argued that Canada will never become like the U.S. as far as "gun culture" is concerned, regardless...

While a strong group is vowing to never shop at a Canadian Tire again and calling a store's support of the event "unacceptable," others are proud of the store for supporting women's sport.

As one woman wrote on Twitter, garnering dozens of likes and retweets, "Care to comment on what? Supporting a group of women in sport? Why is it that so many privileged men seem to take offence to a Ladies Range Day being sponsored by a variety of interested stakeholders. We've been doing these events for 7 years … this isn't new."

Clearly, the issue is a sensitive and divisive one, especially with all of the senseless and preventable gun violence continuing to take place daily in the U.S.

The brand has yet to comment on the matter, though it appears it was just one individual rural store that supported the event.

Canadian Tire has confirmed to blogTO following the publication of this article that it never, as a company, sponsored the controversial event in question.

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