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People are boycotting Tim Hortons again and showing up at locations to protest

Tim Hortons may be beloved by Canucks everywhere and has even been deemed one of the world's most trusted brands, but the coffee chain has fallen into poor favour among some groups lately thanks to a specific policy that unfortunately touches on a very divisive issue.

Every Timmies customer knows about the annual camp day the company's charitable foundation hosts for underserved youth across the continent, and if you've bought a Tim's coffee with cash lately, you've likely tossed a few coins into the donation box for the cause.

The coffee giant is gearing up for its 2022 event on July 13, but despite the undeniably good nature of the initiative, there have been people actively protesting against it. The reason? A rule about vaccination.

Tims has decided to make it mandatory for all camp participants to provide proof of full vaccination against COVID-19, like virtually all public settings and businesses did in the midst of the pandemic, though government orders to uphold such a policy even to fly domestically have since been dropped.

As a result of the move, protests have been held at various Tim's outposts — there are ones taking place at July 13 at two Barrie locations — demanding that all kids, vaccinated or not, be able to attend camp day.

One person promoting the protests on Twitter stated that "seeing [as] they help underprivileged and medically vulnerable kids," nixing a vaccine policy would be a "reasonable ask" due to the fact that some kids can't get vaccinated for medical reasons.

But then there is the health and safety of vaccinated medically vulnerable kids to consider; as one person responded on Twitter, "So I should go out and support Tim Hortons, specifically this location and thank them for keeping underprivileged and medically vulnerable kids safe?"

"I guess I have plans for the 13th. Can't be sending unvaxxed kids to camp. Too risky for the other kids," another said.

"Maybe make your own camps?? Or better yet, VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN!! Choices have consequences."

Though there are those few who are participating in the boycott — and being vocal about it on social media for weeks — it seems that the vast majority of reactions to posts on the subject have been, quite expectedly, in support of Tim Hortons' decision.

Maybe Tims lover and collaborator Justin Bieber can somehow step in and ease the tensions with some of his tasty treats.

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Sharon Hahn Darlin

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