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Ontario storm absolutely drenches Toronto and leaves hundreds without power

Last night's small but mighty storm dumped buckets of water into the City of Toronto and left thousands across southern Ontario without power.

Though it didn't last long, the storm provided some much needed relief following days of an extended heat warning for Toronto.

However fleeting, the photos and videos captured during and after the squall are breathtaking.

Before the storm even hit the city around 9 p.m. on Sunday, you could tell something was brewing as the sky turned an ominous purple and blue hue.

Yonge Street looked like a scene straight out of a horror movie.

Some parts of the city were shrouded in dark clouds even after the rain stopped. 

Around 9 p.m. yesterday, Hyrdo One confirmed outages from the downpour left 26,000 customers across the province in the dark, with some reports saying nearly 40,000 clients were impacted.

In Toronto, some people reported basement flooding and storm drain overflow.

Lighting and thunder were in abundance, leaving violet and amber strikes across the skyline.

The storm rolled in fast, dumping tons of water in just a few minutes.

The downpour was so strong it rocked some cars and even set of their security alarms.

 In classic Toronto fashion, some residents didn't seem to mind the rain - or were probably rushing home on a hoverboard to take cover.

It seems Toronto skipped the worst of the storm, as eastern parts of the province and Quebec were under tornado warnings. It was so bad some homes were damaged and trees were completely toppled

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