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Hamilton man hurls racial slurs in shocking road rage incident caught on camera

You'd think after the number of times people have been caught on camera and outed for being racist bigots, they'd learn to cool it — or, you know, just be better people — but apparently some winners just can't help but go on a full-blown, public freakout.

These sorts of incidents aren't rare in the GTA, unfortunately,  happening with some regularity in storesbus shelters, Ubersparking lots, public transit and more.

The latest involves a man who took his road rage to the next level by spouting off racial slurs, all because another driver apparently cut him off in traffic.

During the confrontation, which took place in Hamilton over the weekend, the middle-aged man approaches a fellow motorist who was smart enough to whip out his phone as soon as the yelling began outside his car window.

"Get the f*** in your car right now," the filmer tells the man in a video, originally shared by 6ixbuzz.

"Get the f*** in your car," the angry man outside replies nonsensically, as he was speaking to a person who was very much already in their car.

"You f***ing cut me off, you f***cking stupid son-of-a-bitch," the man on the street continues, incensed and certainly not going easy on the expletives.

The man filming, shocked, says "cut you off?!," to which the angry man reiterates his version of the story, saying that he also took the filmer's licence plate number down.

"Congratulations!" the guy behind the camera yells as the man walks away. But then, the altercation takes a much more hostile turn.

After yelling for the person behind the wheel to "go f*** yourself," the man — in all his hideous plaid cargo shorted glory — drops the n-word, apparently in reference to the filmer's partner, who it seems was sitting in the passenger seat at the time.

Clearly taken aback, the guy filming asks the angry man to repeat what he said, but anyone listening to the clip could already hear him say the words "[racial slur] lover" as he walked away.

The filmer asks him numerous times, "Say that again," "What did you just say?" and "What did you just call my wife?" — but the man, obviously aware he effed up, won't repeat himself.

Still, he remains furious, approaching the car once more instead of getting in his own, and again accusing the filmer again of cutting him off, trying to divert from his earlier comment.

He also invites the filmer out of his car to presumably get physical, but thankfully, despite the situation's high tensions, the younger stays inside with his window up.

As one last remark to punctuate the nearly minute-long argument, the instigator of the fight tells the filmer to call the cops, to which he replies, "I will."

He and his partner then sit in shocked silence before the clip, which has of course gone viral in a matter of days, ends.

It seems that authorities have indeed already seen the video evidence of the encounter, as they've come out to say that they are seeking any witnesses to what they are considering a hate incident.

"On Monday, July 11, 2022, Hamilton Police became aware of a hate incident posted on social media," Hamilton Police state in a release on Tuesday, though they note the incident has not yet been formally reported. (The Hamilton Anti-Racism Resource Centre did tweet today that they have since reported it.)

"The content of the video shows a male aggressively approaching the occupants of a vehicle. He accuses the driver of cutting him off and makes a derogatory slur towards the unknown couple as he moves back towards his vehicle. The male is driving a grey Nissan Sentra."

Hopefully, given that the dude's face is so clear in the video, he will be identified and held accountable for his verbal barrage.

And kudos to the couple in the car for keeping their relative cool and not getting out of the vehicle — something that most people commenting on the video say they probably wouldn't have had the self-control to do.

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