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White woman claims not be racist while hurling slurs in Toronto bus shelter

Today in flabbergasting video footage from the streets of Toronto, we have a white woman's racist tirade against strangers inside a TTC bus shelter — a rant that starts with the words "I'm not racist" and includes no less than five N-bombs, among other horrible slurs.

The (uncensored) video in question was shared early Tuesday morning on Instagram by Jackfroot, a popular Asian-American news outlet known for calling out acts of racism.

"Racism in Toronto, Canada," reads a text overlay on the clip. "Let's find her and make her infamous."

It's not clear when, exactly, the incident took place or who filmed the video, but the winter coats, salt-covered sidewalks and level of snow coverage suggest that it was recent.

We can also see, based on nearby fixtures and businesses, that it took place at Kennedy Road and Sheppard Avenue East.

The clip is hard to watch but, as mentioned, it starts out with a woman yelling "I'm not racist" — a sure sign that someone is about to say something racist. And she does.

"I'm not racist, I just don't like the fact that you people are taking over everything," says the woman toward someone filming. "You bitch and complain about this and that, but every f*cking commercial is a fucking [racial slur] like you."

"Every fucking commercial a [racial slur] and a [racial slur], no more white people, no more white fucking power," the woman continues. She then flashes a thumbs up to the camera and says "yeah, white power" again.

"Record me. I don't give a shit, record me," the woman continues before hurling another racially offensive slur.

Appearing to speak on the phone about someone getting banned from Facebook, the woman turns back to the person filming and screams, "Well, you know what? It's called reverse racism... it's called reverse racism." (Academics and experts have widely long agreed that "reverse racism," or "racism against white people," isn't a thing.)

I'm not going to repeat the woman's justification for using this term or the harmful anti-Black stereotypes she lists off before finally telling the videographer, "so what are you gunna do about it, right now?"

What the person filming did was share their footage, ensuring that this screaming bus stop lady would become Toronto's next unwitting viral video star once said video fell into the right hands.

Those hands are the people at Jackfroot and a wildly-popular TikTok account called Tizzyent. The account's creator, Michael, is also known for calling out and identifying people caught on camera doing horrible things.

"I know Toronto is a big place, but someone who knows that woman in real life would definitely recognize her here," said Michael on TikTok to his more than four million followers when sharing the clip.

"I'm also willing to bet that, out of the people who know her in real life, probably a lot of them don't like her.... based on just her behaviour. So good people of Toronto: Who is she?"

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