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New racist rant video shows Toronto woman hurling slurs on the TTC

Disturbing video footage is circulating today of a TTC passenger yelling at some unidentified people on a subway train, calling them the N-word and proclaiming that she "hates Muslims."

The 13-second long clip, which surfaced on the popular Instagram account 6ixbuzzTV Thursday afternoon, starts with a visibly irate young woman dressed in all-white clothing faced away from the camera.

Someone from behind whoever is filming says something inaudible, prompting the woman in white to whip around and yell "Get the f*** out! You guys are n******! I hate Muslims!"

Then, for reasons that are not clear, the woman claps her hand repeatedly and states "It's a Catholic f*cking temple!"

"Learn your language for how much we helped you," states the woman before getting off the subway while yelling "Walk out!"

It is not yet clear when or where the incident took place, but TTC spokesperson Stuart Green says the agency is aware of the incident and is investigating.

"The language is deplorable and unacceptable," said Green. "We condemn this kind of verbal abuse."

Copies of the clip posted to Twitter and Instagram have solicited thousands of replies, at least one of them including IG the handle of an account that appears to belong to the woman pictured. Posts on that account have since been flooded with hateful comments calling the woman ugly and saying that she should get fired or worse.

Commenters seem to agree on the whole that her behaviour is reprehensible and wrong, and many are confused over the woman's comment about a "Catholic temple."

"Wait, what was she saying about a "Catholic f*cking temple"? Catholics don't have temples. Churches, cathedrals, temples," wrote one Twitter user.

"Pretty sure she's salty over the conversion of the Hagia Sophia," explained someone else in the thread, pointing to a recent ruling in Turkey that will see Istanbul's famous Hagia Sophia (built as a Christian church in 537, transformed into a mosque in 1453, and used as a museum since 1934) turned back into a mosque.

"It doesn't justify her racist BS, but I'd bet that's the trigger," the Twitter user noted.

Sadly, this is only the latest racist rant captured on camera in the Toronto area over the past few months.

Just last week, video footage went viral of a man going nuts at a Mississauga T&T Supermarket after being told to wear a mask. That man, who told employees to "go back to China," has since been arrested and charged with causing a disturbance

It remains to be seen what will happen to the young woman filmed uttering racial slurs on the TTC, but she'll likely face some consequences as the video continues to blow up.

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