driver missing tires opp 401

Toronto driver busted for cruising at highway speeds with missing tires

Everyone wants to get where they're going, but whether your car is exceedingly dirty, hauling a dangerous load, or straight-up busted, it's always in your bests interests to pull over immediately if something is wrong.

One Toronto driver might've thought their schedule was more important than safety, or perhaps was completely unaware of their situation when caught by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) gunning it down Highway 401 with missing tires and bare metal rims scraping the pavement on Tuesday.

Multiple reports were phoned into Whitby and Toronto OPP of a black Ford F-150 pickup truck driving in the eastbound 401 express lane approaching Warden Avenue, moving at full speed with a missing passenger-side tire and towing a trailer missing even more tires.

An OPP spokesperson tells blogTO that "the driver was stopped last night before dark at a GO transit lot. He was given a three-day suspension for failing a roadside test."

"The vehicle had considerable damage and that investigation is still ongoing as to when and where that damage may have happened. That is why we are asking for witnesses."

And police aren't the only ones scratching their heads with this one.

It feels like a remarkably light penalty for an impaired driver who almost certainly caused damage to public infrastructure, and many commenters on social media think the driver should be facing a harsher penalty.

Though not everyone is looking at this incident with a pitchfork and torch at the ready, as a closer look at the photos reveals the truck and trailer were packed with bags and furniture, indicating that the driver may be experiencing a transitional point, possibly homelessness or a rushed end-of-month move.

The OPP asks anyone who saw this driver on Tuesday to give them a call with information.

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