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The weather is finally warm and sunny in Toronto and people are absolutely thrilled

Spring has certainly not been off to the best start in Toronto this year, with oscillating temperature extremes, severe winds, frost advisories and even multiple hits of unseasonable snow.

Though the cold has persisted far later into the year than most of us would like with only a few peeks of warmth and sun, the last few days have been absolutely beautiful, and are giving residents more confidence that winter is finally over and summer is well on its way.

The thermometer has finally pushd into the high double digits this week under mainly sunny skies, and though it may not hit the nearly 30 C that was originally forecasted, it's still set to be gorgeous in the coming days.

According to The Weather Network, Wednesday will see a high of 19 C, which will rise to 22 C on Thursday, and 20 C on both Friday and Saturday (which will feel a degree hotter). Though there will likely be some rain in the cards on Sunday and Monday, temps will stay warm at 19 C and 17 C, respectively.

Today is likewise sunny and warm, currently 18 C, marking another day in the longest spate of nice weather we've had thus far in 2022, and people are definitely feeling it.

The agency had predicted an inconsistent, topsy-turvy spring in the province, blaming the Great Lakes in part for keeping things cool in the south of the province.

As for the rest of the summer, which officially begins on June 21, we can expect quite a few thunderstorms peppering generally seasonably warm tempertures, but nothing near the heat and dry spells that the rest of the country and the U.S. will be hit with.

Now to get those winter coats away if you haven't already and unpack the shorts and sandals, at long last.

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