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This is what the summer 2022 forecast looks like for Ontario

The summer 2022 forecast for Ontario is a bit more clear now that the Farmer's Almanac predictions for the season throughout Canada have dropped, though it may not hold the best of news, depending what kind of summer climate you're into.

While the majority of the nation (as well as the U.S.) will be sizzling hot and largely dry, Ontario's conditions will be just "warm" in the next few months, and also very wet.

"Around the Great Lakes and points east, the overall averages will just tilt toward 'seasonably warm' temperatures. This will be due to a wave of unseasonably cool air that will arrive in September," the newly-released prediction states.

The Prairies and Western Canada will see high temps around 30 C to 35 C by July with the potential for a few scattered showers, but tempestuous weather will dominate Southern Ontario for most of the season — including on Canada Day, when we're expected to see severe thunderstorms, hail and even tornado warnings. 

Looking at the extended forecast for the rest of April and May, the topsy-turvy conditions we've had as of late are set to continue, with a handful of storms and heavy showers, though there will still be a few fair, clear days (or half days) peppered in there.

Things will hopefully be heating up by August, when the continent at large is expected to be "blistering hot."

Seeing as the Farmer's Almanac has been issuing these predictions for more than 100 years, they're usually pretty on the mark — but we can still hope that somehow we get a few more hotter, sunnier days than presently expected.

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