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Another road rage incident was caught on video in Brampton

Driving the Greater Toronto Area comes with its own unique set of challenges. But whether you're navigating the constrained urban environment of downtown or the ten-lane-wide roads of suburbia, you're bound to encounter some fellow motorists at their worst.

A video of a road rage incident captured in Brampton this week shows that even a simple lane change can be enough to cause a confrontation.

Motorist Erik Pedersen was heading northbound on Dixie Road at Orenda Road in Brampton on Tuesday evening around 5:45 p.m when his dashcam recorded a confrontation between him and the driver of a grey Honda SUV.

Pedersen tells blogTO, "I merged left, he didn't like that, he got angry cut me off, crossed over the solid line, got out and threatened me."

The video did not record any audio of the confrontation, but Pedersen claims that after the SUV swerved in front and cut him off, its driver approached his vehicle motioning for Pedersen to roll down the window.

Even without audio, it's pretty clear from the video that the Honda driver was screaming at Pedersen over his lane change.

"I pointed at the camera so he could see he was being filmed, called 911, waited on hold for 2-3 minutes, and by the time I got through to an operator he had driven off."

It's important to note that this stretch of Dixie Road is a ridiculous eight lanes wide, more lanes than even some highway routes in Ontario. Northbound traffic on Dixie is five lanes wide, including two left-turn lanes.

Cutting off a driver is a pretty aggro move on its own, but it takes things to a whole other level when you're already in a left-turn lane and cut into another left-turn lane to scream at someone.

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Erik Pedersen

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