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Someone photoshopped J. Cole onto an Ontario election campaign sign in Toronto

The provincial election is well under way, with campaign signs scattered all over Toronto lawns.

With so many signs, it does start to get a bit obnoxious, so someone photoshopped J. Cole onto an Ontario election campaign sign.

It was recently announced that American rapper J. Cole is signing  a contract to play basketball with the Scarborough Shooting Stars in the Canadian Elite Basketball League.

To celebrate this news, Jesse Asido of Scarborough Spots, a community Instagram account highlighting the history of businesses and cultural spots of the east end borough, photoshopped J. Cole onto one of the campaign signs.

"J. Cole could play pro basketball anywhere in the world but he chose Scarborough and that's a big deal," says Asido to blogTO when asked about this news.

"I can tell you that my following is really excited to see him play for us so since it's election time I decided to photoshop him as a candidate because I know Scarborough would love it."

Followers of the account have expressed their love for the sign.

"You’ve got my vote," one person wrote.

A few were quick to comment how fast the sign was made, posting the photo within the hour of the announcement.

Some have even questioned if the sign was real and if they could get one too.

"Dozens of people have asked me if I had more signs so they could buy it from me to put in front of their house, not realizing it's a photoshop job," sats Asido.

Jesse Asido is also known for photoshopping Doug Ford signs with other people's faces including The Weeknd, Mike Myers and even a photo of a beef patty.

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