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There are a ton of well-paying outdoor jobs hiring in Toronto for spring and summer

Though Toronto may have just been hit with another shot of snow, the little peeks of warm weather we've gotten have served as a reminder that spring really isn't that far off.

If there's one thing the city is good at (aside from waiting in lines), it's taking full advantage of the sun and high temps once they finally get here — and one way to do that is by getting a job that lets you work outside.

After pandemic lockdowns and the move to working from home, many are reassessing their career paths and switching things up, and grabbing one of the following available outdoor jobs for summer may be the perfect way to do that.

Local or provincial parks jobs

Though they may not actually be anything like Parks and Recreation, jobs working for your municipality in the parks sector could be ideal who those who like to get outside.

Cities need park supervisors and operators, arborists, gardeners, handyworkers, directors and more to manage their green spaces, and all of these positions are open with various municipalities right now and pay anywhere from $28 an hour to upwards of $110,000 a year.

The provincial government also presently has openings for roles such as park warden, park ranger, park planner, park cleaner, parks program educator, parks operations manager, assistant part clerk and more, all of which make well over minimum wage — between around $20 to $40 per hour, or even more.

City recreation jobs

The City of Toronto is having a huge hiring blitz for summer recreation positions, which can range from sports, aquatics and fitness instructors to lifeguards and camp counsellors to bartenders, customer service representatives, program coordinators, Toronto Island staffers, youth leaders and more.

There is a huge variety in the 118 current openings, and that's only in Toronto.

The hourly rate for most is above minimum wage and sometimes substantially better, with many offering well above mid-$20s per hour.

Working at an outdoor attraction

Canada's Wonderland just north of Toronto is among the attractions that are hiring big-time right now, with thousands of open positions.

Whether you're looking for a seasonal job on the ground in the park or a job behind the scenes, there are tons of options, ranging from entertainers and members of the crew behind the site's stage shows, to cooks and servers, to technicians and workers to maintain the site's infrastructure and operations, to ride operators and security personnel, to warehouse workers and sales people, and more.

Some positions earn $25 an hour, or more on salary, plus benefits.

Sites like Ontario Place, Exhibition Place, the Toronto Zoo and others are also looking for more talent for the summer months and beyond.

Outdoor hospitality jobs

Given the potential for hundreds of dollars in tips per shift, plus the fact that liquor server's minimum wage in Ontario has been increased to match general minimum wage at $15 and hour, a hospitality gig may be just what you're looking for this summer.

Tons of bars, restauarants and cafes with patios are hiring for the season, meaning you can be outside enjoying the sunshine and actually interacting with real human beings (if you remember how to do that) while also earning money.

Local alcohol brands are also always looking for people to staff one-off events like beer festivals that take place over the summer, while catering companies are another option where you can work outside in this potentially very lucrative industry.

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