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Lineup for OVO warehouse sale in Toronto snakes around multiple city blocks

Discounted Drake-approved duds are bringing all the boys to the yard this week, if we take "yard" to mean the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and "boys" to mean hypebeasts of any gender.

It's the OVO Warehouse sale!

With promises of up to 80 per cent off apparel, accessories and more, the Toronto-based fashion brand attracted hundreds of hopeful deal-seekers to Day 1 of what's expected to be a five-day-long event at the MTCC.

And many came early — as in "it's still dark outside" early — to take a first pass at the goods.

Some online are wondering why in the world, given how long the sale is running and how huge a venue organizers have selected for this year's warehouse event, fans of the brand would camp out in lawn chairs overnight ahead of opening day.

Those people clearly know little about warehouse sales, which are often a first-come, first-served extravaganza of cheaper-than-normal designer clothing.

Even a few minutes can make the difference between snagging a sweater in your size and being stuck with only XXXLs.

There's also the whole "Torontonians love to wait in line" thing to consider. At this point, it's not so much of a stereotype or a joke as it is a legit phenomenon, observed again and again every time a hot new product or food item drops.

When asked about how long the line is, some patrons are warning others on Twitter and Instagram not to even bother showing up.

"I definitely would touch the OVO warehouse sale but people in toronto like lines too seriously," joked one.

"If you weren't here early in the a.m., don't bother," advised another.

Instagram Stories posts from inside the sale show some okay deals, but nothing that most people would wait in line overnight for — like a $180 sweater marked down to $104, or a plain beige toque for $50.

And yet, lineups have been spotted snaking along multiple city blocks in Toronto's downtown core.

Because in this city, no amount of logic can refute the allure of lining up to spend money.

The sale runs until Sunday, for those interested, and it's free to get in. Please note, however, that sales are cashless and you're not guaranteed to find anything in your size or even good.

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