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Toronto pop-up saw average wait times of 6 hours and hired 20 security guards for opening

Toronto's Line Friends and BT21 pop-up has been so popular, some people waited in line overnight to get in.

The pop-up opened Aug. 26 to over 800 people lining up in queues that spilled over into Yorkdale Shopping Centre's parking lots. The pop-up is being run by local Asian goods market Sukoshi Mart, and was visited by over 1000 customers yesterday.

"It was a huge turnout, a lot busier than expected," Sukoshi owner Linda Dang tells blogTO.

"We're really thankful for our customers being patient and coming out."

The cute characters of Line Friends and BTS-affiliated BT21 are extremely popular, and have inspired an exhaustive range of products for fans that includes plush pillows and headbands.

Wait times for the Yorkdale pop-up were typically around six hours and around 20 security guards were handing out water bottles.

"We sold out of a lot of products but we're expecting to get restocks in the very near future," says Dang.

line friends bt21

Line ups spilled into the parking lot at Yorkdale Shopping Centre during the store's opening. Photo by Briana-Lynn Brieiro.

They'll also be launching their most popular Line friends and BT21 merch next week on their website.

"We are still open today but stock is running low," says Dang. "We still had people that lined up since last night today."

Lead photo by

Sukoshi Mart

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