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Toronto lined up for blocks for the In-N-Out Burger pop-up

American burger chain In-N-Out opened for a three-hour event today, and people were lined up for blocks before it even started.

The brand has long been teasing the idea of opening a Toronto location, and In-N-Out confirmed with blogTO that this special event will help them make future decisions.

The burger chain is known for their classic hamburgers and their "Animal Style" toppings on both burgers and fries, part of their famous "Not So Secret" menu. The brand was founded in 1948 and is an iconic drive-thru option.

Popping up at the equally historic Wheatsheaf Tavern on Dec. 16 from noon until 3 p.m., limited quantities were available of three of their most famous styles of burgers on a first come, first served basis.

People dressed in traditional In-N-Out uniforms complete with little hats were doling out their "Double Double," "Animal Style" and "Protein Style" burgers.

The Double Double is a typical double cheeseburger with all the usual fixings, and the other two options are straight from the legendary In-N-Out secret menu.

Animal Style burgers are topped with pickle, extra special sauce and grilled onions, while Protein Style burgers are just a burger in lettuce instead of a bun.

Double Doubles were $6, cheeseburgers were $4 and hamburgers were $3, and all could be made part of a combo. You could also buy hats and tees for merch, emblazoned with the In-N-Out logo or an image of the restaurant against a California sunset.

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Kris Pangilinan

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