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Here's what people say brings them joy for $50 in Toronto

Nearly everything costs more these days but there are still many ways to stretch $50 into a day out or tasty treat.

The price of groceries, gas and most of all rent, is going up but there are fun things people can do with a bit of cash.

When asked on Twitter, Toronto residents had some great ideas on how to spend a little for some joy.

One of the most popular ideas was a ferry ticket to the Toronto Islands. It's true, a ticket to the islands is just $8.50 and there you will find great views of the skyline, beaches, parks, a historic lighthouse, cherry blossoms in the spring and many other things to do.

An annual pass to the Art Gallery of Ontario is another popular suggestion. At $35 you can get access to galleries exhibits for a full year. With shows like Matthew Wong's Blue View exhibit, it's a great way to spend a few hours.

There are tons of suggestions on the best way to spend money on Toronto's food and drink — including dropping all the cash on a fancy drink at Starbucks.

Dinner for four at the iconic Johnny's Hamburgers in Scarborough is a top choice. Not only are the prices low, but diners can also step back in time in this classic burger joint.

For a sweet treat, Sud Forno bakery could be a good choice. A box of bombolones (filled donuts) could go a long way to spread some joy.

Or a quick bite from Allwyn's Bakery in North York could be a nice pick me up.

And for those that just can't find any joy in Toronto, $50 could buy you a ticket out of the city.

While it doesn't get you an expensive night out, $50 still can bring you some joy in Toronto.

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