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You can take the train from Toronto to Montreal for $49 this spring

Those on a budget looking for a getaway in the coming weeks can take a train from Toronto to Montreal for only $49 this spring — the catch is, it is only certain days of the week.

With lockdown measures loosening up, travel is on the horizon again. Airlines are offering cheap flights and GO Transit has deals on for only $10 a trip.

VIA Rail also has some special deals but only if you travel on Tuesdays. Called Discount Tuesdays, there are train trip deals to several cities. Pre-booking is necessary.

There are trips to Ottawa, Kingston and Smith Falls for under $50 one way. Also, travellers can head to London, Belleville or Cobourg for under $30.

Travel to Montreal is offered for $49 in the "escape class" which is cheaper than "economy class." The $49 trips are only offered early in the morning and only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

While these prices are low, there are better deals to be found. A new airline, Lynx is offering flights to the west coast for under $40.

Those wanting to travel via train or plane should note that the Canadian government regulation on fully vaccinated travel is still in effect.

"Passengers over 12 years and 4 months are required to be fully vaccinated to travel on VIA Rail trains, as well as to access a VIA Rail Business lounge," the VIA site notes.

Travel by car is still an option but with these gas prices, train and air is looking better all the time.

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