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Doug Ford not running for PM but Twitter goes ahead and roasts him anyway

Every time questions are raised about a Conservative leadership race, whether provincial or federal, Doug Ford always seems to find himself smack dab at the heart of the discussion.

Sure, the rumours turned out to be true in 2018 when he entered and ultimately won the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario leadership race and subsequent provincial election, but this time, the current premier is dispelling talk that he is eyeing the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leadership race as the next step in his political ascension.

During a Tuesday morning press conference announcing the construction of a new long-term care home, the premier tried to put the rumour to bed, saying that his "hands are full," and telling the press that "I love being premier of this province. That's my job."

Still, the idea of the sometimes bumbling, comically folksy, gaffe-prone, fast-food-loving premier running the show in Ottawa, or even campaigning for the chance, has the Twitterverse abuzz with ideas of how a Doug Ford federal leadership run would look.

Probably the greatest obstacle to his candidacy would be his lack of French language skills. I mean, let's be real. This guy even struggles with English sometimes.

And even if he were to take a crash course in the language, his reputation in Quebec is reportedly less than stellar.

Though a charity boxing match versus the famous Bonhomme is one proposed method he could use to attempt to win over French-speaking Canadians, or maybe he can just promise them "buck-a-bière" instead.

Okay, so let's put ourselves in a parallel universe where French language skills are no longer an unwritten but commonly accepted requirement associated with the title of Prime Minister.

Well, in this other universe, Doug would have a lot of perks awaiting should he win both the leadership race and federal election. 

And while it sure looks like Doug Ford is keeping his sights set on Ontario, one only has to look back to 2014, when Doug claimed he was not considering leadership of the provincial PC Party.

We all know what happened just a few years later.

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