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The premier just gave Ontario a hilarious new Fordism and it's one for the ages

Premier Doug Ford's Friday afternoon press conference gave Ontario its long-awaited bombshell headlines that capacity limits are being eliminated and life will be returning to near-normal.

But a classic Fordian turn of phrase added some chuckles to the collective (masked) sighs of relief.

Even on the heels of such a serious announcement, Ford managed to pepper in one of his trademark bizarre-yet-folksy sayings with an offhand remark during the end-of-presser question period.

Adding to these classic hits like "a few fries short of a Happy Meal" and "I don't care if it's those doobies, joints, whatever you want to call them," Doug Ford's latest line was a direct response to ousted (former PC) MPP and established loose cannon Randy Hillier's most recent shenanigans.

In response to Hillier publicly claiming that a Cambridge woman died as the result of her vaccination — which family members have refuted — Ford told reporters that "The cheese slipped off the cracker with that guy," before going on to say "he's gone rogue, the guy's lost his mind."

You can catch the comment just after the 25-minute mark of the video below.

Let's just pause for a minute to soak in that glorious statement: "The cheese slipped off the cracker with that guy."

If that sounds familiar to you, it's because he's actually said it before.

After a summer 2020 party in Brampton was attended by more than 200 people defying lockdown orders, Ford used the phrase to refer to partygoers. Of course, he also used the term "a bunch of yahoos," which overshadowed the cheesy line.

And the more we dig, the deeper back this Fordism goes. There is even a video of Ford shouting the line back in 2018.

The phrase appears to go back even further than Ford's political career, appearing in the 1999 movie The Green Mile quoted by a character with a very slight resemblance to the premier.

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Doug Ford

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