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An Ontario MPP was just suspended from Twitter for his anti-mask rants

Ontario politician Randy Hillier — certainly not to be confused with provincial vaccination task force leader Rick Hillier — was temporarily suspended from Twitter over the weekend for sharing his anti-mask sentiments on the social media platform.

Residents may remember Hillier as the independent Lanark—Frontenac—Kingston MPP who openly defied the province-wide ban on private indoor gatherings by publicly posting a photo of himself at what appeared to be family dinner with at least 14 other people over the winter holidays.

He has long been vocally opposed to lockdown measures and how Premier Doug Ford and his team have managed the health crisis, but his tweets over the weekend apparently received enough complaints to get him banned completely for 12 hours.

"We must start shaming those who wear a mask, as they shame others, the masks are coercing us to live their lie," Hillier wrote to his 29.7k followers on Thursday night.

"I will not do it, join me in a crusade of honesty, not their march to tyranny. Boycott stores, politicians who lie, do not bear their false witness."

The tweet was deleted for violating the rules of Twitter, which now include spreading "misleading information about COVID-19 vaccines" and COVID-19 in general.

Users will as of Monday be subject to a five-strike system that has consequences ranging from "no account-level action" to "permanent suspension."

Based on the fact that Hillier was back and tweeting on Sunday, the incident appears to have been his second or third strike.

"I'm Back! Thanks for all the support. The trolls and bots got a workout yesterday reporting me. To appease the unruly mob Twitter put me in time out. I'm recharged and ready for more," Hillier wrote on the morning of Feb. 28 after going silent the evening prior.

His name was trending as a hashtag in the interim, with many speaking out both in support and against him and his views on the pandemic.

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@randy.hillier with infamous Adamson BBQ proprietor Adam Skelly

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