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Police stop van with front window filled with beer cans on highway west of Toronto

OPP stopped a late-night driver in Mississauga and found alcohol cans lined up in the front window.

Either the driver didn't care or thought no one would spot them so late at night is not known, but according to Mississauga OPP they didn't drive home.

The OPP say the van was stopped late last night travelling south on Highway 410 to Highway 401.

"The driver had these alcoholic beverage cans throughout the interior," police said.

The driver failed the roadside test and was charged with impaired driving and driving with a blood alcohol over the legal limit. The charges come with a 90 day licence suspension and seven day vehicle impound, which some people feel isn't enough for such a brazen flouting of the law.

"90 day suspension for drunk driving isn't enough, minimum one year," one person wrote on Twitter. "Look at what other countries like Ireland have done, almost completely eliminated drunk driving."

"Driving 80 over while hammered...and that's his only punishment?" another person wrote. "90 days with no licence? Might as well buy him a Timmie's and escort him home."

The Mississauga motorist wasn't the first to attempt to drive with a vehicle full of beer cans. In the summer, a driver was stopped with a car packed with cans. Although in that case, the person appeared to be transporting them for recycling — not drinking.

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