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The 5 most memorable freakouts in Toronto from the last year

While everyone expected 2021 would be much better than 2020 — with more lockdowns and case surges, it really hasn't.

So if people need to let off some steam once and a while, you can't blame them. But sometimes things go too far – damaging property and threatening people is never cool. Unfortunately, some people lost it and many of these freakouts were caught on video.

Here are some of the most memorable freakouts in Toronto from 2021.

Angry maskless woman

It's hard to forget this woman who unleashed a long verbal assault after, apparently, someone asked her to put on a mask on a TTC subway train.

The exchange starts with the woman screaming obscenities and getting close to the camera. TTC spokesperson Stuart Green suggested people not engage with maskless riders and after watching this video, people might think twice before confronting and just move to the next car.

Convenience store smash up

In another kerfuffle over a mask, a man damaged items a Toronto convenience store. The man snapped after the store owner asked him to cover his face. He even suggests the man just pull up his shirt to cover his mouth and nose. But the man lost it and started tossing stuff off the counter. More seriously the man threatened to kill to store owner.

Karen at McDonald's drive-thru

It's not entirely clear what sparked a freakout at a McDonald's drive-thru but at least part of the encounter was caught on video. It appeared the woman was unhappy with the service. She got so angry, she threw hot coffee on another customer. A scuffle ensued but in the end, everyone drove off.

Man demands sub

A customer at Toronto Firehouse Subs lost it when he was declined service. The man got angry and shouted at staff who asked him to cover his face. He demands his sub but staff members refuse to take his order. The patron begins touching things and pulling on cords. Staff and customers called police — it's unclear if they investigated.

Anti-vaxxer freaks out on supporters

This last one didn't actually take place in Toronto but it is a memorable meltdown from an infamous Toronto man. Anti-vaxxer Chris Sky turns on his supporters in a cringeworthy viral video. He straight up screams at children and calls his own fans "losers" on a microphone.

Sky did have a local freakout after he doxxed himself at a Toronto rally.

Let's hope cooler heads will prevail next year — although with tighter restrictions announced this month, we may see another freakout video before too long.

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