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Angry maskless woman completely unleashes on Toronto subway passengers

Riding public transit is never anything short of an adventure in most major cities, Toronto included, but it's not often that someone gets right up in your face to scream obscenities — not with enough time to capture the good bit on camera, anyway.

And yet, this is 2021, the year of everybody being pissed off all the time, and a new TTC freakout video is going viral this week courtesy of the legendary WorldStar Hip Hop.

The clip in question was shared with WorldStar's 33.4 million followers on Instagram Tuesday with the caption: "Elderly woman's response to being told she needs to wear a mask on the train."

"You need a severe loss! You need a severe lifestyle! You need to get the f*ck out of my face and leave me alone, because you are all nothing but the lowest form of military sh*t that ever existed!" screams an elderly woman into the camera at the start of the clip, which is credited to a Toronto IG user with the handle @eastwife.

The person filming can be heard saying "all I said was you need to calm down," to the woman, who proceeds to scream "you need to get out of this goddamn f*cking life!"

"Everybody on this train is wearing a mask except for you," says the passenger being yelled at on what is clearly a TTC subway train. "Have some f*cking respect."

When the person filming tells her fellow passenger, again, that she needs to calm down, stating "you need help" and "I'll pray for you," the furious woman goes off, again, repeatedly shouting "Don't you dare!" 

blogTO was unable to reach the original poster for comment, but @eastwife did explain to 6ixbuzzTV, which reposted the video, that the lady was angry when she walked onto the train.

"Well to give you a backstory the lady walked onto the train like that, I didn't make her that angry," she told the Toronto media outlet. "She hit a kid with her trolly cart and that was the last straw for me. That's why I approached her."

"This is an unfortunate exchange," said TTC spokesperson Stuart Green of the video, as seen on WorldStar. "Our preference is that customers don't engage with other people over masks.

"People may have legitimate reasons for not wearing one," he continued. "Our weekly audits of tens of thousands of observations reveals that 99 per cent of customers have a mask and 97 per cent wear them properly."

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WorldStar Hip Hop

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