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Another anti-masker freakout was just captured on camera at a Toronto restaurant

The staff of a Toronto Firehouse Subs location got a bit more than they bargained for on today's shift when an anti-masker decided he wanted a sandwich but didn't want to show the basic courtesy of covering his face. Like any good confrontation in Toronto involving entitled customers clashing with exhausted service workers, a classic freakout ensued.

A video posted to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon shows a tense scene where the irate customer could be seen arguing with the 3300 Dufferin Street location staff while sitting on a table installed specifically to keep employees and patrons safely distanced.

"You want to call the police or give me my sub?" the patron shouts, as the employee can be heard refusing service to the customer and insisting that he stop touching things around the restaurant.

"Please give me my sub, S. U. B.," the man insists to no avail. "I told you once again. Whole wheat sub-," he demanded before the server cut him off, saying, "I'm not taking your order."

"I felt bad for the staff," Twitter user PassionatObsrvr, who filmed a portion of the incident, tells blogTO. 

"I had asked earlier if the cashier wanted me to call 911, and she said she already had called. When he gave my husband a light shove and was all up in his face, I called 911 anyway, then my husband did too. They asked me if anyone was hurt, I said no, but I felt at risk, that he was unmasked, that he was threatening my husband, and had shoved him."

The video shows the video poster's husband — properly masked — trying to defend employees after the angry patron begins pulling on cords connected to the restaurant's point of sale, saying, "dude, it's not yours."

The unmasked aggressor then gets in the second customer's face before the video abruptly cuts out.

"The 911 operator told my husband they had no one to send and advised him to remove himself from the situation. What about the staff? They weren't free to leave. We paid for our stuff while the guy continued from the other side of the room to heckle."

"He was playing with the equipment on the utility counter, she asked him to stop, he kept at it. When my husband started to protest his behaviour, the guy brought his face to within an inch of my husband's, goading and threatening him, telling us to stay out of it."

The tweet states that while three different people called the police, there was no apparent response from the cops. This allegation throws more fuel on the fire of speculation that there is a contingent of the force unwilling to enforce mask and vaccine mandates.

"He said things like, 'yeah call 911, go ahead, I'm not going anywhere, I got all day.' Then taunting 'Hey how many minutes they (911) give you?' like he knew police weren’t coming. Is that because the staff were all black, or because of the neighbourhood, or because Toronto Police and City council don't take unmasking as a serious threat to anyone

"The authorities' actions don’t reflect the official talking points which emphasize masking," said the Twitter user.

"I was scared for us, for the staff... and wondering why that public safety threat was dismissed by police.  We ate in the car steps from the front door, saw no police arrive in the ensuing 20 min before we left. Seems like this just encourages the anti-mask intimidation tactics."

While an employee of the Firehouse location in question confirms that police were indeed called, nobody from the restaurant was willing to make a statement on today's events.

Entitled patrons freaking out at patient food service employees and store owners have become an unfortunate norm of the current era. Similar incidents have unfolded at malls, convenience stores, grocery stores, and restaurants since the first mandates took effect last year.

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