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Truck driver without a licence spills concrete all over Ontario highway

One driver's innocent oopsie is another driver's reason for missing an important meeting, event or appointment, which is why Ontario police tend to crack down pretty hard on people who make totally-preventable messes on local highways.

The latest truck driver to spill a load all over the road — specifically Highway 48 in Markham — has been charged Ontario Provincial Police with careless driving, overweight vehicle, violate permit and driving a motor vehicle with the improper license.

He or she also got dinged for having an "insecure load," which is a persistent problem in and around Toronto: Motorists have been caught by police hauling everything from hot tub and dressers to beer cans and planks of wood improperly on 400-series highways, sometimes to near-disastrous effect.

Just today, the OPP announced that they'd ticketed a driver in Brampton for attempting to transport two mattresses, secured by bed  sheet, which were held by passengers inside the car, atop a consumer vehicle.

The driver who, yesterday, spilled what appear to be concrete bricks all over Highway 48 near 19th avenue was behind the wheel of what looks like a proper commercial vehicle, they clearly weren't authorized to operate it.

"Rollover #Hwy48/19th. Aurora OPP investigating, minor injuries to driver," tweeted the OPP's Highway Safety Division on Nov. 11.

"The overloaded truck was cleaned-up and weighed, the driver is now charged with careless driving, insecure load, overweight vehicle – violate permit, and driving motor vehicle – improper licence."

While some people who viewed the tweet made jokes about the contents of the truck, many were actually upset to learn that someone was attempting to operate a vehicle beyond their capabilities just to, as one person put it, "save a buck."

"Not enough is being done to enforce commercial vehicle safety. The incidents are accelerating and people are going to get hurt. The OPP and [The Ontario Ministry of Transportation] are every little bit as responsible as the psychopaths behind the wheel," commented one Twitter user.

"Unreal. Imagine if we knew how many unqualified CMV [commercial motor vehicle] drivers shared the roads with us?!" wrote another. "Scary stuff. Glad no one was hurt."

Lead photo by

OPP Highway Safety Division

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