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Brampton driver charged after using sheets to transport bed on top of car

A sheet isn't a good way to secure a mattress to a roof, no matter how high the thread count.

Yet one Brampton driver decided the best way transport a bed was to wrap a sheet around it and get some friends to hold on to the ends of said sheet from within the car while it moved.

The OPP tweeted about the incident, making a few jokes before passing on how serious the consequences could have been.

"If the sheet fits... you still might not want to use it," the OPP tweeted. "Driver charged after relying on passengers to hold down mattress by hand with a bed sheet."

OPP Const. Ian Michel told Global News police stopped the vehicle at Mayfield Road, just east of Highway 410, in Caledon around 7:15 a.m.

The driver had one friend in the backseat and another in the front seat holding on to the sheets in an effort to keep two mattresses atop the roof of a black sedan.

After police pulled the vehicle over, the driver contacted a friend who brought a van to transport the mattress.

Perhaps the driver needed a good night's sleep, but police implore people to "please use your head when transporting your bed."

Police said the Brampton driver was fined $160.

Police have stopped drivers for carrying all kinds of unsafe loads in the past. A few years ago, a Mississauga motorist was charged after they were spotted hauling extra-long slats of wood, which were sticking out the window.

Or there was the time a driver filled a car with so many beer cans, they couldn't see out the rear window. Maybe one of the worst incidents was the driver of a Porsche who decided to haul a hot tub on a wooden dolly.

Hauling an unsecured load could prove deadly — in one recent case, a piece of wood flew into a car windshield coming dangerously close to the driver.

"We post and tell people all the time about the dangers of insecure loads yet people still continue to surprise us by cutting corners and putting the lives of others at risk," Michel said.

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