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This is the story behind Debby from Toronto

If you find yourself googling "Who was Debby from Toronto?", you're probably unfamiliar with the local Instagram personality, although her recent death has left a mark on the city

Debby, who's real name is Alexis Matos, rose to fame through a series of Toronto social media-based news and entertainment outlets, but most notably 6ixbuzzTV

Videos of Debby started going viral on 6ixbuzz, many of them showing the teenager acting out in public, garnering reactions from audiences watching. 

One of the many videos of Debby having a public freakout made it all the way to WorldStarHipHop, another online blog notorious for posting the craziest fights and outrages, mainly in the U.S.. 

Debby became very well known around Toronto, growing into an online persona, often seen as a source of comedy. She even had a manager at one point. 

All of the attention she was getting online prompted her to start making music; she was known for her diss tracks, which she used to call out artists like Lil Tjay.

Debby even showed up at Drake's house trying to call him out, and the famous musician responded in an Instagram video

Similar to Beyonce's "BeyHive" or the "Little Monsters" of Lady Gaga, social media followers of the teen called themselves "Debby Gang". 

You would think with all this fame that Debby would've been well off, but that wasn't the case. 

The teen has been vocal about the fact that she was struggling the entire time, being raised in foster homes, often struggling with drugs and depression, and living out of homeless shelters. 

Things started spiraling out of control for Debby when she started using hard drugs. Her former manager told blogTO that he lost touch with her after that happened.

Sadly, Debby ended up dying from a fentanyl overdose earlier this week, her manager confirms with blogTO. 

Being the viral sensation that she was, many young Torontonians were shocked by the news of her sudden death

A candlelight vigil for Debby is expected to be held in Toronto soon, as confirmed by her former Instagram page

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