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Toronto Police are now issuing steep fines to trespassers at the Scarborough Bluffs

Toronto P0lice have been warning residents not to get too close to the edge of the Scarborough Bluffs for years now, and unfortunately to little avail, as people continue to try and climb down the escarpment, bypassing unignorable physical barriers and signage in the process.

The allure of the natural phenomenon draws locals and visitors alike to take in its gorgeous views and enjoy its parks and beaches, but has also led to some not-so-advisable antics by thrill seekers and those looking to get the perfect shot for social media.

This has meant numerous stressful and expensive rescue missions by authorities, who on average have to dispatch eight fire trucks and spend more than 20 hours per incident, leading many to suggest that wayward adventurers should have to pay for their own rescues.

And now it seems that, just shortly after a plan for more serious fencing atop the cliff was scrapped, police are finally getting stricter with those who continue to betray the blatant no trespassing signs (and basic common sense).

A video showing police fining a group at the attraction this past weekend is now making its rounds on social media, as those featured in it were handed hefty tickets for $5,000 each.

"Ladies and gentlemen, make your way over this way please, form a single line, because I have to issue you all $5,000 tickets," an officer shouts at a group of eight in a TikTok video that has now garnered more than 227k views in just one day.

"You guys are absolutely nuts. The Bluffs have been collapsing all morning and you guys are standing where it's unsafe to stand," he continues as the individuals gather on the other side of a wooden fence, the "danger steep drop" and "do not cross fencing" signs affixed to it rendering their various appeals and excuses pretty futile.

Viewers of the viral footage are largely praising the officer's stern response, thoroughly enjoying the fact that the group claimed they didn't know they weren't supposed to climb the fence.

"You climbed right over the signs," one Tiktoker wrote with a slew of laughing emojis.

"I am glad they are getting tickets," another added. "Every year people fall down the Bluffs and rescuers have to risk their lives to save them. Well done, officer."

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