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Toronto is already complaining about brutal traffic from the Gardiner demolition

It didn't take long for Toronto drivers to collectively lose their cool following the permanent closure of the Gardiner Expressway's easternmost ramps at Logan Avenue and Lake Shore Boulevard this week.

One of the kickoff phases in the long-term Gardiner Expressway Rehabilitation Plan, the closure and demolition of the Logan/Lake Shore ramps will facilitate the much-debated realignment of the Gardiner Expressway's interchange with the Don Valley Parkway.

The last cars traversed the Logan ramps on August 31, at 9 p.m., and reactions have been pouring in ever since, many not too thrilled with the latest hurdle added to their commute.

Even before the closure took effect, people had predictions of how rough traffic would get.

Drivers living east of the closure were particularly concerned about how this barrier would affect commute times.

The demolition work is happening alongside the widening and lengthening of the Lake Shore Bridge over the Don River and rebuilding the stretch of road between Don Roadway and Carlaw Avenue. The announcement of simultaneous closures and detours had east-end drivers worried.

Waterfront Toronto attempted to get ahead of the situation early, outlining the many route restrictions and informing drivers how to best get around the busy work sites.

Despite the warnings, some locals didn't get the memo.

Some found the directions provided by the city to be confusing, contradicting other closures.

Others directed their frustration at the city for its handling of project coordination.

Regardless of cause or fault, traffic was a nightmare for some drivers, with reports of traffic backed up for over a kilometre extending from the next exit west of the closed ramps at Jarvis.

The realignment of the Gardiner's east end will be completed by 2024. Until then, drivers will just have to make do with yet another obstacle in getting around the city by car.

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Dominic Bugatto

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