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Here's how to avoid the chaos of the impending Gardiner ramp closure in Toronto

One of the first phases of the years-long Gardiner Expressway Rehabilitation Plan is set to begin tonight, and it'll see drivers permanently lose access to the busy Logan Avenue ramps as of 9 p.m.

The ramps are set to be demolished, supporting Gardiner realignment work and allowing the Lake Shore bridge over the Don River to be widened and lengthened.

After the bridge has been reengineered, the city says the new space will accommodate bike lanes, pedestrian paths and a new linear park, as well as allow for the re-design and naturalization of the Don River, "which will be a critical element for future flood protection."

But the closure will also likely cause an unfortunate headache for drivers who routinely use the Logan ramps, which is why Waterfront Toronto has outlined and mapped out a number of alternate routes for those hoping to avoid the impending chaos.

Motorists who need to get on the expressway from the east end, for example, should go west on Lake Shore, continue on Lake Shore until the Jarvis on-ramp and then take the Jarvis on-ramp onto the Gardiner, according to Waterfront TO.

Conversely, drivers looking to get to the east end from the Gardiner should take exit 155 for Jarvis St., continue straight onto Lake Shore Blvd. and take Lake Shore to the east end.

Drivers looking to get on the Don Valley Parkway (DVP) from the east end will find their route unchanged on weekdays. These motorists can go west on Lake Shore and turn right on to Don Roadway/the DVP, or they can get access via the Queen St. on-ramp. 

The Don Roadway between Lake Shore and Villiers St. will also be closed, so motorists trying to get on the DVP from Port Lands should go east on Villiers, turn right on Saulter, turn left on Commissioners, turn left on Carlaw, turn left on Lake Shore and turn right onto the DVP.

Alternately, drivers can also take Cherry St. northbound, turn right on Eastern Ave. and take the Eastern Ave. ramp to the DVP. 

On weekdays, the routes to and from downtown will not be impacted by the removal of the Gardiner ramps, so drivers can continue to use Lake Shore or other routes such as Eastern Ave.

On weekends in September and October 2021, however, Lake Shore Blvd. East will be closed between Cherry St. and Carlaw Ave. Drivers can find detours for this closure, as well as additional info about the upcoming construction, on Waterfront Toronto's Twitter page.

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