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Ontario human rights watchdog says anti-vaxxers don't deserve special treatment

If you don't believe in getting the COVID-19 vaccine, Ontario's human rights law says you don't have the right to special accommodations. 

A statement put out last week by the Ontario Human Rights Commission explains that anyone who "chooses not to be vaccinated based on personal preference does not have the right to accommodation under the Code." 

In the province, human rights code prohibits discrimination based on creed, such as religious beliefs or practices; however, singular beliefs do not amount to creed, as stated in the code. 

"Even if a person could show they were denied a service or employment because of a creed-based belief against vaccinations, the duty to accommodate does not necessarily require they be exempted from vaccine mandates, certification or COVID testing requirements," the statement says. 

As of last Wednesday, Ontario implemented vaccine requirements for high-risk indoor settings. People must show proof that they're double vaccinated in order to be inside restaurants, nightclubs, concert venues, gyms and more.

Many people who don't believe in getting the vaccine have argued that not having access to these spaces is an infringement on their human rights. 

Last week, People's Party of Canada candidate Darryl Mackie was arrested after he entered into a Tim Hortons in Oshawa and refused to show proof of a vaccine. 

Mackie compared his actions to civil rights icon Rosa Parks and inspired others who share his beliefs to also refuse the new vaccine mandates. 

In the same week as Mackie's sit-in, a mob of unmasked patrons sat-in at the food court inside of Toronto's Eaton Centre, also refusing to show proof of vaccination, as a way of pushing for their rights. 

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