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Toronto might have a problem with weed shops selling to underage customers

With the amount of dispensaries opening up in Toronto over the past year, it seemed inevitable that something would go wrong with them eventually.

That seems to be the current case as people are claiming that some dispensaries are making no effort to ID people looking to buy cannabis products.

A particular chain of unlicensed dispensaries is under fire as teenagers allege they've been able to buy from them without any problem.

"I have confronted 3 of their locations with my son and they claim they ask everyone for ID my son told me he has never once been asked for ID or refused service," said concerned parent Graham D. to blogTO.

"The one location...claimed they recognized him as he had been there numerous times...well he went there yesterday and they served him again."

With the legal age to purchase cannabis products being 19-years-old, it can be concerning to discover that 17-year-olds such as Graham's son are able to freely enter the store and purchase products without even being ID'd.

Meanwhile, some might suggest the brick and mortar stores aren't even the biggest offenders, with online delivery services freely delivering products to homes.

Some of these services even go as far as dropping off the product at the front door, not even attempting to check ID in the process.

With dispensaries popping up all over the city, often across the street from other dispensaries, it's not much of a surprise that some are hesitant to turn away a potential customer... even if that customer is under age.

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