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Toronto starts off day with vibrant sunrise and the photos are outstanding

It's been a rough ride of hot, sticky, record-breaking weather in Toronto, but with the extreme heat comes some pretty spectacular sunrises.

Early risers were treated to vibrant coloured skies at dawn, and those of us who weren't up at 6:34 catch the sun crest over the horizon can still enjoy the scenes vicariously through the wealth of social media posts that are being shared.

It was clear that Toronto was in store for an extra special sunrise from the early morning hours when the moon was illuminating a reddish-pink haze. A view captured from Sandbanks Provincial Park, a few hours east of the city, hinted at the colourful sunrise on the way.

The sun finally rose into view, taking on a blood-red hue as the light refracted through the atmosphere. With a storm on the way, the adage "red sky at night, sailor's delight. red sky in morning, sailor's warning" comes to mind.

Colourful skies lent themselves to some creative editing, like the retro 1980s Miami Vice vibes we're getting from this shot of a waterfront marina.

Photographers found creative approaches to set their shots apart from the flood of posts this morning, like this shot using a lensball to frame the sun rising over the skyline.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the gorgeous morning display, though a continued spell of extreme heat is putting a damper on the enthusiasm with humidex values through the roof even in the early morning hours.

Still, it proved to be a picturesque start to the day, making mundane morning errands like taking the dog for a walk much more memorable.

As more people drew their curtains to the brilliant display, the blood-red sun rising over the city was probably the most-photographed point in the morning's sunrise.

As the sun got higher in the sky, the reddish-orange tint gradually morphed into a cotton candy, purple-ish haze.

This morning's sunrise may be the last colourful sunrise, or sunset Toronto sees for the next few days, with thunderstorms due to roll in this afternoon and finally offer a reprieve from the oppressive heatwave that has been bearing down on the city.

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