401 accident today

Toronto highway covered in crap after manure truck rolls over

Anyone who has been stuck in Toronto traffic knows how crappy the drive can be, but this week it was literally a shit-show.

Toronto's busiest roadway, Highway 401, got a bit worse on Thursday when a transport truck was cut off causing its load, a pile of manure, to spill all over the road, OPP report.

The stinky cargo not only spilled but was basically all over the highway's westbound express lanes near Keele.

It took crews nearly five hours, during one of the hottest days of the summer, to clear the "smelly mess" up. Hopefully they got bonus pay for that job.

While those stuck in traffic, presumably with their windows rolled up, likely didn't think this was a laughing matter, the jokes were quick to fly on social media.

"What a shitty situation," wrote one person on Twitter.

The spill happened just as politicians began dishing out their own manure for the federal election, one person noted.

Some people noted the lack of creativity in the jokes.

"What a bunch of crappy punnsters..." said one person.

While this was likely one of the more stinky crashes, trucks have in the past dumped some very interesting cargo — such as wine, chocolate and even cash on local highways.

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