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Toronto woke up early for the solar eclipse and the photos are breathtaking

The first solar eclipse of the year occurred this morning as the moon passed in front of the sun to create the illusion of a ring of fire in the Toronto sky.

The Canadian Space Agency said it was a rare sighting since "there aren’t many opportunities to admire them." There are only four to seven solar or lunar eclipses per year, but only people along the path of an eclipse can see it.

Toronto photographers got up early to catch this wonder to behold and the results were stunning.

One local poetically called it "when the sun and moon have their little dance."

During a total solar eclipse, the Sun appears to be completely covered by the Moon for a short period of time (between 2 and 3 minutes) and many  were lucky enough to witness it.

The most stunning photo might goes to local photographer Kurt Wang who captured this incredible shot of the eclipse behind the CN Tower.

Another Toronto resident was out paddling on Lake Ontario and shot this beautiful view of the solar eclipse over the water.

The atmospheric conditions enabled this photographer to document the epic colour produced as the Sun's rays traveled to the camera's sensor.

"This is the most spectacular part of the eclipse, as those who are lucky enough to be in this corridor are able to see the Sun's corona, the chromosphere, prominences and streamers," the Canadian Space Agency said.

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