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Video shows man encountering two large coyotes while walking his dog in Toronto

Coyote sightings in Toronto have increased over the past couple of months — as they often do during the winter season — and the city has been warning pet owners to be extra vigilant after two dogs were killed by the wild animals in January. 

David Teixeira, a Toronto resident and owner of an adorable dog named Rally, had two run-ins with coyotes while out with his pup this week, and he managed to catch both incidents on camera. 

"These coyotes appear to be coming down from the Humber River and patrolling the area around the dog park. This area is right next to the Humber Bay Arch Bridge which is a popular area for walkers/cyclists and so on," Teixeira told blogTO.

"I saw them on Saturday right outside the dog park (west side) and there have been increased sightings this past week from other dog owners. Today they weren't in the wooded areas, but strolling westward on the main pedestrian path towards the Arch Bridge, which caught me off guard."

Teixeira shared the videos he captured during both canine encounters on Instagram, and the first shows Rally barking and howling from inside the dog park after spotting a nearby coyote last Saturday.

"You can't see the coyotes as well in this one, but if you look carefully you can see them retreating back towards the river," he said of the clip. 

"I think they were eyeing another little dog that was in the park. Once my dog approached the fence I was scared she'd jump over to get to them. "

Teixeira explained that many of the residential buildings in the area have weight limits for dogs, so there are often many tiny pups roaming around.

He added that some are even too small to actually play with the other dogs in the park, so their owners sometimes let them off leash just outside the dog park, which he says "could lead to a little pup being snapped up."

Thursday morning, Teixeira had an even closer encounter with two large coyotes as he was strolling with Rally on the walking path at Humber Bay Shores in Mimico, and the video clearly shows the two large canines prancing along as his dog barks and howls.

"I was a in awe of how large the coyotes were, but also a little worried they would come towards us," he said.

"If you look in the second video, my dog, Rally, begins to bark and howl at them. Her hackles were up and tail was between her legs. Her legs were shaking as well. She was scared, but also ready to do battle if need be."

After he captured the video, Teixeira said the coyotes cut back up to the pond next to the dog park, which is where he usually takes Rally on her walks.

Following the tragic incidents last month in which two dogs were taken from Toronto backyards and killed by coyotes, the city is advising that people living near coyote habitats only bring pets into their backyard if they are being supervised, and that dogs remain on a leash and close by at all times when walking. 

The city also says cats should be kept indoors or supervised while outside, and dogs should only be allowed off leash in designated dog-off-leash areas if the owner is nearby.

"Most interactions with coyotes in Toronto are the result of a nearby, regular food source, especially intentional feeding by people," says the city. "Feeding wild animals, including coyotes, is detrimental and can create problems for the neighbourhood." 

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