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Toronto reveals locations where coyotes killed two dogs

The City of Toronto has revealed the locations in which two dogs were taken from backyards and killed by coyotes earlier this month. 

The city issued a warning to pet owners last week following the incidents and advised that dogs and cats should never be left alone outdoors, but it did not reveal where in the city the two tragedies had occurred. 

"Toronto Animal Services is aware of two incidents this month where dogs have been taken from their homes (backyards) near ravines and killed by coyotes," reads a city statement sent to blogTO by email Thursday.

And while the city said it cannot reveal the exact home addresses where the incidents occurred to protect the privacy of the families involved, the general areas and closest intersections can be shared with the public.

According to the city, one of the incidents happened in North York near Finch Avenue East and Bayview Avenue, and the other took place near Blythwood Ravine Park in the Mount Pleasant Road and Lawrence Avenue East area. 

"We would like to stress that coyotes are part of Toronto's environment and to avoid tragic encounters, residents should take steps to protect their pets in any places near green spaces, ravines and areas where there are coyotes," reads the statement. 

"In areas of Toronto where there are known to be coyotes, residents should only take pets out into their backyard with them and supervise their pets at all times."

In the news release published last Friday, the city said residents could expect to see more coyotes during the winter thanks to a lack of foliage and the timing of their mating season, adding that it is not uncommon for coyotes to injure or kill cats and small dogs, but they generally do not pose a danger to people.  

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