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Somebody stole a TTC uniform and Toronto police are on the case

Toronto Police are on the hunt for a mysterious bandit who, for some reason, stole three TTC Special Constable uniforms and some body armor from the transit agency late last week.

As for what the thief intends to do with their new threads... your guess is as good as mine, but the fact that police have issued an official release in search of the stolen goods suggests that it's not an innocent prank.

"On Thursday, February 18, 2021, at around 5 p.m., three TTC Special Constable Uniform shirts, and the front half of an external ballistic vest carrier were stolen in the Woodbine Avenue an Danforth Avenue area," stated Toronto Police on Friday.

"The shirts are described as baby blue with TTC Special Constable patches on the shoulders."

When asked about what happened to the uniforms and vest, a spokesperson for the TTC told blogTO that "the items of clothing were stolen from a personal vehicle off TTC property."

TPS Constable Michelle Flannery could only say that the investigation is ongoing and that anyone with information is asked to contact investigators at 55 Division.

"Information was released in an effort to help bring forward witnesses, make the public aware and to always encourage reporting of suspicious activity," the officer told blogTO.

TTC Special Constables are deployed across Toronto's transit system to "assist in the safe and orderly movement of our customers."

Both uniformed and plainclothes TTC Special Constables are sworn by the Toronto Police Service and have the same powers as a regular Police Officer to enforce the Criminal Code of Canada, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, the Trespass to Property Act, the Liquor License Act, and section 17 of the Mental Health Act on all TTC properties and vehicles. 

"Transit Special Constables are responsible for carrying out law enforcement and security related duties, to protect the Commission's interests," writes the City of Toronto.

"This could involve passengers, Commission employees, facilities, revenue, vehicles, and the general public."

The TTC's oft-controversial fare inspectors are special constables, as are officers working in the fields of transit patrol, system security, and training and administration.

It makes sense that police would be intent on finding the stolen uniforms before someone could, say, impersonate an officer with such broad powers and hurt or exploit somebody.

Anyone with information about the stolen Special Constable uniforms is asked to contact police immediately.

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