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The highest speeding ticket in Toronto for 2020 was given to a 19-year-old

Ontario police have seen some pretty wild driving antics in the past year, including a whole lot of speeding.

Between residents busted going excessive speeds with shocking numbers of driving bans on their licenses, or people found going way over the legal limit with passengers riding in very odd places, motorists in the GTA have made some pretty interesting decisions — and have driven at some pretty ridiculous speeds.

The worst offender in Toronto proper during 2020 was none other than a 19-year-old who wasn't even fully licensed yet, but was joyriding down the Gardiner Expressway in a Mecedes-Benz at an appalling pace back in April.

Eventually charged with stunt driving, the offender was caught going more than double the posted limit with a G2 license: 202 km/h in a 100 km/h zone.

The teen faced up to six months in jail, a hefty fine between $2,000 and $10,000, and up to a two-year license suspension as a result. According to authorities, his car was impounded for a week.

And, this was only the worst speeding crime in the city itself; a few individuals caught speeding in other parts of the GTA in 2020 were even worse.

There was the 21-year-old who was clocked doing a staggering 228 km/h on Highway 403 in Mississauga, another 100 km/h zone, less than two months ago.

Or then there was the most outrageous of all, another teenager who was going a whopping 308 km/h on the QEW near Burlington in May— much faster than many cars can even go, faster than a Boeing 747 takeoff, and more than triple the speed limit of 100 km/h.

Between Toronto Police Services and Ontario Provincial Police officers on patrol, as well as the city's new speed cameras that ticket tens of thousands of speeders a month, it's risky business defying the rules of the road — not only as far as punishment goes, but, obviously, as far as human lives are concerned.

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