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This is where to get same-day COVID-19 test results in Toronto

Getting rapid COVID-19 test results are on everyone's mind in Toronto as the number of cases soar throughout Ontario. With a province-wide lockdown looming, testing is critical. 

However, wait times for test results in some places can take up to 4 days, and you may need your results sooner than that.

Canada in general has been reluctant to embrace rapid testing due to its lack of reliability, but there are places that will give you same day (or almost same day) results. A forewarning — all of them cost a pretty penny. 

Forest Hill Health Testing Centre
  • Wait time: Same day results for appointments before 12 p.m. Next day results for appointments booked after 12 p.m. 
  • Cost: $180.56
FlyClear Life Labs 
  • Wait time: 24 - 48 hours
  • Cost: $199 + tax
Elena Medical
  • Wait time: 36 hours
  • Cost: $180 - $400 (test dependent)
Switch Health
  • Wait time: 24 - 48 hours
  • Cost: $160 
MCI The Doctor's Office
  • Wait time: 36 hours
  • Cost: Unknown
DynaCare Blood Test Labs
  • Wait time: 36 hours
  • Cost: $70 - $205 (test dependent)
Home COVID-19 Private (HCP) Diagnostics
  • Wait time: 24-48 hours
  • Cost: Unknown

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