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Ontario police respond to collision and find dog in the driver's seat

Ontario Provincial Police discovered an unlikely culprit when responding to a car accident in Grenville last week.

According to OPP East Region, Grenville OPP officers were called to Johnston Road in North Grenville on Dec. 9 over reports of a single vehicle collision, and they were shocked to discover that a "pug-like" dog inside the vehicle had accidentally set the van in motion.

The vehicle ended up in a ditch, and police said the owner of the van sustained minor injuries attempting to stop it from rolling away.

In an interview with the Ottawa Citizen, acting Sgt. Anne Collins said finding the dog behind the wheel "was definitely a surprise."

She said officers who responded to the collision discovered that the owner had left the engine running with the dog inside, and the pup likely bumped into or hit the gear shift — pushing it into reverse. 

OPP East Region shared the unlikely story on Twitter this week, and they also couldn't resist cracking a few jokes. 

Several Twitter users also put their pun skills to use in response to the tweet.

Luckily, the dog was left unharmed following the incident, and it's safe to say the canine won't be going on any more solo joy rides anytime soon.

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Anand Thakur/Unsplash

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