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This is what Toronto looked like after its first record-setting snowfall of the season

Just two weeks after making history with the warmest stretch of sustained temperatures ever recorded in November, the City of Toronto is once again boasting a new weather record: This one for a heck ton of snow.

Toronto was hit with a whopping 19.4 cm of snowfall on Sunday, according to Environment Canada, which had previously issued a weather alert for the region due reduced visibility and rapidly-accumulating precipitation.

The average snowfall per day in November is 7.5 cm, for the record, and prior to yesterday's dump, the greatest recorded snowfall on any November 22 past 1937 was a mere 7.6 cm in 2007.

While it didn't get too cold — temperatures hovered around the zero degree mark all day long in downtown Toronto — snow did come on fast and harsh.

Anyone who ventured outdoors can attest to the fact that this was a wet, heavy snow.

That said, it was pretty to watch from the other side of a window.

And the perfect consistency for making snowmen!

It was, for some, a veritable "winter wonderland."

The abrupt shift from summer-like temps to winter-like blizz was jarring, to say the least — on Friday, temperatures had reached a high of 18 C, giving hope to the optimists among us that maybe, just maybe, another heat wave was on the way.

No dice: It looks like winter is now here to stay, though it won't all be pretty flurries and white rooftops moving forward.

Environment Canada is calling for plenty more precipitation this week in Toronto, with temperatures ranging from a low of -3 C on Monday night to 7 C on Thursday — all of it expected to be wet and grey.

This may be the kind of November we're used to, but that's not to say many people like it. At least we have a legitimate excuse to stay inside and avoid the gloom this time around.

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