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Get ready for the warmest stretch of November weather in Toronto history

November is a month known for many things, but "nice weather" isn't one of them.

Like February and March, the 11th month of the year is notoriously volatile in terms of temperature and precipitation. It's also got a super-early sunset working against its reputation as a pleasant time to be outdoors.

Alas, 2020 is not like any other year in recorded history: Rent prices in Toronto are plummeting, loungewear is the new office-wear, and birthday parties are held via Zoom. Heck, the entire NBA Playoffs just took place inside a bubble at Disney World.

And as for November of this, the pandemic-plagued year of 2020? It'll be hot and sunny.

"Parts of Ontario and Quebec are about to see a stretch of record-breaking warmth never experienced in November before," reported The Weather Network Thursday morning.

"Along with the exceptionally warm temperatures, will be an abundance of sunshine, helping to defy the November reputation of being an overall gloomy and tough month to get through."

Huzzah! And, following Sunday's brief-yet-powerful post-Halloween snowstorm, the stretch of warm weather has already started to settle in.

toronto weather november

Toronto is in for some beautiful mid-November weather that could set all-time high temperature records, according to meteorologists. Image via Environment Canada.

Wednesday marked the first day of what's expected to be "an extended stretch of spectacular fall weather" with daytime temperatures above the 15 C mark.

"I think it's almost a lock that we'll get seven consecutive days above 15°C this year, and I'm even leaning closer to eight, which would make it an all-time record for the city," said Weather Network meteorologist Tyler Hamilton on Thursday.

"It's the November warmth that just keeps going and going and going, and it will potentially set long standing temperature records."

The record to beat was set in November of 1938 when temperatures recorded at Toronto's Pearson International Airport came in above 15 C for seven consecutive days.

This is in stark contrast to the past few Novembers in Toronto, both of which saw major snowstorms and significant cloud coverage throughout.

With forecasted "feels like" highs of 19 C on Friday, Saturday and Sunday — and things feeling upwards of 20 C early next week — it's definitely an anomalous year. 

Some extra summer weather won't fix all the problems we're facing as a city, but it's more than welcome right about now.

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George Socka

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