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Toronto could see temperatures close to 20 C this weekend

While Toronto residents may have woken up to a city blanketed in snow this morning, many will be glad to know that the weather is set to do a complete 180 this week and that above-seasonal temperatures are expected to return. 

In other words, despite Toronto temperatures taking a drastic dive over the past two weeks or so, we don't appear to be in for an early start to winter and the cold is not here to stay just yet. 

As of 11:30 a.m. on Monday, the city is sitting at a high of 2 C and it feels like -4 C with the windchill, according to The Weather Network

But while the forecast calls for more chilly temperatures on Tuesday, Wednesday is expected to see a beautiful, above-seasonal high of 15 C with sun. 

That warm weather is expected to continue throughout the rest of the week, and meteorologists are predicting that temperatures could even approach 20 C by the weekend.

"Wednesday is the start of an extended stretch of extraordinary weather - sunny & mid/upper teens & could approach 20C this weekend!" wrote Weather Network meteorologist Doug Gillham on Twitter Monday morning. 

Highs in the upper teens are expected to continue in Toronto until at least next Tuesday, so be sure to get out and enjoy the unusually warm weather before the snow and cold return for good. 

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