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Doug Ford tells protestors to stop going after his neighbours and acting like buffoons

Premier Doug Ford had a stern message today for those who continue to protest ouside his home on the daily: "Stop acting like a bunch of buffoons."

The premier addressed protestors directly at the end of his daily Queen's Park press briefing Friday after anti-lockdown protestors moved on from Adamson Barbecue to his home on Thursday afternoon. 

"Every single day, my friends, there's protestors outside my house. It doesn't affect me, I'm not there," he said. 

"I have the best neighbours anyone could ever ask for. They didn't sign up for this, they aren't making decisions for the government. It is totally unfair. It's unacceptable that they have to put up with this because they're living beside the premier."

Ford went on to say that protestors have intimidated and threatened the people living on his street even though they obviously play no role in making decisions for the province.

"You want to protest me? Come down to Queen's Park, you can do cartwheels, you can jump up and down. But there's an unwritten rule here in Canada  — you don't go after people's families and neighbours. Come after me, don't come after my neighbours."

Addressing his neighbours directly, Ford said he "wanted to sincerely apologize" for the fact that they've had to deal with protestors each and every day, adding that he loves them and is "very grateful for their support."

Ford also assured anti-mask, conspiracy theorist protestors that their demonstrations will never result in him changing his opinions or decisions.

"I can assure you, that will never, ever happen," he said.

And the premier also mentioned that these protestors, many of whom claim to be demonstrating on behalf of small businesses, are actually hurting the very small business owners that live on his street.

"So please, stop protesting, because these are small business owners on my street that are struggling, and streets all around the neighbourhood — that's who you're hurting," he said. 

"And I can assure you another thing, it's not small business owners that are protesting in front of my house. They're special interest groups, political groups. It's unacceptable. And stop acting like a bunch of buffoons out there and start respecting the people of Ontario. You want to come at me? Come at me. Leave my family, and leave my neighbours alone."

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