Coxwell Ravine

The Coxwell Ravine is an under-the-radar trail on the east side of Toronto

The Coxwell Ravine is one of the most beautiful natural areas on the east side of Toronto. The scenic spot offers enough forest and nature trails to keep you exploring for hours. 

coxwell ravine

Located on the east side of the Don Valley Parkway, the ravine is just north of Don Mills Road. The park is part of the extensive East Don Valley Trail system that includes Todmorden Mills Park, Linkwood Lane Park and Charles Sauriol Conservation Area. 

coxwell ravine

If you’re coming by TTC, the ravine is only about a 10-minute bus ride from Coxwell subway station. Take the 70 O’Connor Bus to the Coxwell and O’Connor stop.

coxwell ravine

Walk north to Taylor Drive and Coxwell to Cullen Bryant Park and a 100-step staircase will lead you down deep into the ravine.

From there walk west along a narrow path surrounded by tall grass and wildflowers to reach Ravine Park. Be careful as the path is a bit overgrown and could be easily missed.

coxwell ravine

The path opens up onto a wider gravel roadway. A number of trails branching off on both sides of the main path will bring you through the lush forest. 

coxwell ravine

You're sure to feel far-removed from the city when you're surrounded by the towering trees and vibrant greenery. The scenery will be even more beautiful once the colours of the leaves start changing.

coxwell ravine

Following the winding forest trails, you'll be led past gigantic fallen trees, interesting shelters made out of tree branches and fascinating tooth-shaped art installations that you might've passed before on the DVP. 

coxwell ravine

The forest is also home to plenty of wildlife. You're sure to spot many of these tiny creatures along your hike including birds, rabbits, chipmunks and squirrels.

If you keep walking down the second set of stairs near Cullen Bryant Park, you’ll reach Taylor Creek Park.

coxwell ravine

The scenic Taylor-Massey River passes through this area, bubbling over roadways and rocks. 

coxwell ravine

There are also a few wooden bridges that will offer up even more river views. Continue to head east if you want to check out the rest of the Taylor Creek trail. 

coxwell ravine

There are also lots of picnic spots in this area to enjoy once you’ve finished exploring.

coxwell ravine

Keep in mind, there is currently some construction near the Don Valley that is a bit disruptive, but away from that, there are many well-maintained, paved trails to walk or bike. 

coxwell ravine

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Fareen Karim

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