Etobicoke Ontario

The 10 most popular places in Etobicoke

The most popular places in Etobicoke are destinations that are indulgent, practical or make for an entertaining night out. 

Here are my picks for the most popular places in Etobicoke. 


Everyone needs to make a trip to the Swedish retailer now and again. As you can guess, this location on the Queensway is no different than every other store; expect your usual Scandinavian chairs and a surprisingly decent restaurant. 


Aside from the fact that everything in bulk comes cheaper, you can spend an entire day here at this mammoth warehouse on Queen Elizabeth Blvd. sampling cheese and Mary's crackers. Stock up on the city's cheapest gas while you're there.

Farm Boy

It's been a 35-year evolution for this grocery chain, from a small market in Cornwall to multiple massive locations in Ontario. This one on Brown's Line opened to much fanfare – I'd come just for the automated monkey swinging on the vine if nothing else. 

Sherway Gardens

Malls are always the go-to hangout spots when the area is slim pickins, but this spot in particular always seems to stock the sizes and styles that have sold out at other store locations in the city. 


This bakery mainstay has been on Royal York Road for more than 40 years and features an Italian hot table and espresso bar. They've also got gelato, which makes it a perfect pit stop in the summer to reward yourself before hauling groceries to your car. 

Tom’s Dairy Freeze

Every year, this longstanding ice cream drive-in on the Queensway marks the beginning of spring by opening its doors and offering up its classic burgers, fries, milkshakes and soft serve cones. 

Cineplex Cinemas Queensway VIP

You know you're winning when you can upgrade as simple of an experience as movie-watching with a full steak dinner and a drink. There aren't as many VIP locations in the city as we'd like so make sure to take advantage of vicinity.  

Apache Burger

Like Johnny's in the east, this burger spot is one of the best old school joints in the city. With a following that's been lining up since 1969, Apache inspires loyalty with its no frills hearty cheese burger and homemade onion rings. 

Cheese Boutique

Located on Ripley Avenue, this spot is deceptively not just about fromage – it carries much, much more than that. Peruse gourmet ingredients and fresh produce along with prepared meals of pizza, desserts, and cups of espresso to top everything off. 

Humber Bay Park

This beautiful park extends out into the water with some peninsula-like action that makes it an ideal place for a scenic picnic after a hike around the park. There's a farmers' market in the summer and the bridge is one of the most picturesque spots in town.

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Hector Vasquez at San Remo

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