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The top 10 viral videos from Toronto this year

Toronto had tons of memorable moments over the course of 2016, and luckily for us many of them were documented on video. From music videos shot at popular Toronto restaurants to racoons making international headlines, for better or worse, these videos went viral.

Here are my picks for the top Toronto videos from 2016.

Skratch Bastrid pays homage to David Bowie

After the sad news of David Bowie's passing in January locally based DJ and producer Skratch Bastid put up a video to honour him. He remixed Bowie's 1983 hit "Let's Dance," and shortly after the video was posted it went viral. It currently sits at 11 million views on Facebook and over 200K on YouTube.

Taxis vs Uber drama hits US late night talk show

The Toronto taxis vs Uber drama got international attention after Comedian Hannibal Burress went on Late Night with Seth Meyers in February and shared a story of an awful cab experience he had here.

Heartbroken raccoon?

Toronto's unofficial mascot made international headlines earlier this year when a video of two raccoons went viral. It shows a dying - or possibly dead - raccoon being dragged by another. Some argue it was grieving while others see it in a cannibalistic light.

Rihanna and Drake's video shoot at The Real Jerk

News surfaced in February that Drake and Rihanna were shooting a music video at the popular Toronto Caribbean joint, The Real Jerk. A few weeks later, the finished product was released for "Work." The video shoot drew such a buzz the restaurant even saw an increase in sales.

City of Toronto's #DTadvice

This past April the City of Toronto released a video dubbed #DTadvice. The aim was to rebrand downtown Toronto and make sure it remains liveable as it continues to grow. It was super corny and featured the likes of John Tory and Norm Kelly.

Mississauga Costco parking lot brawl

A weekend outing turned sour for a pair of shoppers at a Toronto-area Costco back in May. Two couples were fighting over a parking spot, which ended in a fist-wielding brawl.

Pokemon GO Problems

When Pokemon GO was at the height of its popularity, Noodle Boys released a quirky video following actor Mark Correia getting into shenanigans around the city on his quest to catch 'em all. The TTC was very upset with one clips featuring Mark walking on subway tracks, and he was charged for the incident.

Coffee shop charges women more than men

This past October, Toronto's Tokyo Smoke coffee shop released a video documenting what happened when they changed their prices for a day so that men paid less for coffee. The reactions were priceless and the stunt was a memorable take on "The Pink Tax."

Beer can toss

The Blue Jays may have won the Wild Card Game to land a spot in the ALDS but all anyone was talking about afterwards was the beer can tossed by a fan in the stands. Replays of the unfortunate incident were played throughout the playoff run and it got such widespread attention that cans were banned from the Rogers Centre for the remainder of the post season.

Panda discovers snowman for the first time

Toronto zookeepers built a snowman for their panda Da Mao and filmed the adorably cute encounter. News of this snowy confrontation traveled around the world and was picked up by the likes of BBC, among other international outlets.

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